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About GS1

GS1 is a global standards organization enabling companies to identify, capture and communicate information. GS1 standards are the foundation for many industries so efficient systems and processes can be created to share data.

Click here to view a comprehensive example of how GS1 global standards are integrated throughout various supply chain processes.

  • Retail – Apparel, Fresh Food, CPG/Grocery, General Merchandise
  • Healthcare
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Foodservice
  • Technical Industries
  • Humanitarian Logistics

  • GS1 Identification Keys (ID Keys) are a crucial component to uniquely identifying products, shipments, documents and locations. Since these GS1 ID Keys are globally unique, they can be shared amongst organizations and provide supply chain visibility for trading partners.The first component of GS1 ID Keys is a unique GS1 Company Prefix assigned to each member company.

    The GS1 office is located in Belgium and has local offices in over 100 countries. Each local GS1 office provides standards assistance and also assigns new members GS1 Company Prefixes to build their GS1 ID Keys, such as UPC (GTIN). Click here to see a current listing of the GS1 local offices. GS1 US is the US organization and supports identification standards for various industries and licenses unique GS1 Company Prefixes, which are necessary to create UPCs.

    Since the inception of the UPC barcode, Bar Code Graphics, Inc. has provided assistance to companies of all sizes and is an expert on barcode identification, origination and print quality. Bar Code Graphics certified Barcode Consultants and Standards Professionals will facilitate the process of creating and managing UPC barcodes with a licensed UPC Company Prefix directly from the GS1 US. As illustrated in the link above, GS1 standards can be quite complex and Bar Code Graphics can assist with implementation.

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