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Step Four: Obtain Your Barcode Labels

Companies requiring a relatively small quantity of labels typically order pre-printed bar code labels from a printing service bureau. The cost of the printing equipment, software, and training is normally a barrier for generating labels in-house. Sample UPC barcode labels are included in the GS1 Barcode Service. Additional printed barcode labels can be obtained at .


Number of Items

Needing a UPC Barcode

Bar Code Graphics

GS1 UPC Barcode Services

GS1 US Annual

Renewal Fees

1 – 10

$400 (includes GS1 US fee $250)


1 – 100

$1000 (includes GS1 US fee $750)


1 – 1,000

$3,500 (includes GS1 US fee $2,500)


Bar Code Graphics team of certified Consultants and Standards professionals will assist with UPC management, and create compliant UPC barcodes for your products. Please call (800)662-0701 or use the chat button in the lower right corner if you need assistance. Bar Code Graphics provides a bar code labeling service and can accommodate a wide variety of bar coding requirements. Pre-printed labels can be produced within 24 hours and small quantity labels are available in 16 stock size. Competitive pricing (i.e. $25 for 1,000 labels 1.25″ x 1″).