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GS1 Barcode Process Overview

GS1 is the global organization, which establishes identification standards for various industries (i.e. retail, healthcare) and licenses unique GS1 Company Prefixes, which are necessary to create UPCs. If your company plans to sell products to medium/large retailers and Amazon, obtaining a GS1 Company Prefix is the first step towards identifying your products with UPC barcodes.

APPLY FOR GS1 Company Prefix:

  • GS1 Company prefix is unique licensed to your company (brand owner)
  • The license is for one year and there are annual renewals
  • Prefix length and cost is determined by the number of items requiring UPCs

UPC/GTIN Management:

create upc barcodes:

  • The GS1 General Specifications provides instructions to create barcodes
  • Items which do not yet have printed packaging or labels require digital files
    • Only high precision vector based files format (i.e. .EPS)
  • Printed barcode labes are used for items and packaging already printed
  • GS1 provides guidelines on required quality control processes to print barcodes
For companies who are new to UPC barcodes, Bar Code Graphics team of certified Barcode Consultants and Standards Professionals will assist with UPC management and create compliant UPC barcodes for your products. This solution simplifies the process and prevents companies who are new to barcoding from making mistakes. To learn more, please click on the link below.