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Step 2: Assign Product Numbers

Once you have your GS1 company prefix, you can assign a unique product number to each of your items. The amount of digits you can assign to your product number is based off of your company prefix. Companies that sell many different items will receive a shorter prefix, allowing them to assign a larger range of digits for their products, while companies that plan on selling a smaller amount of unique product will receive a larger number, limiting the amount of unique product numbers.

For organizations with a 6-digit Company Prefix, a 5-digit product number must be created. Companies with a 9-digit Company Prefix, can only create a 2-digit number. The UPC Company Prefix and Product Numbers must always total 11-digits. (The 12th digit in a UPC is called the check digit and is mathematically calculated based off of the previous 11 digits.)

You need a unique product number for each variety of item you want to sell. For example, let’s say you’re selling t-shirts in two different styles – yellow and blue. Your blue small, medium, and large t-shirts would each have their own unique product numbers, while your yellow small, medium, and large t-shirts would also have their own different unique product numbers.

Product Style Product Number Full UPC (GTIN-12) Number
Blue Shirt – Small 00001 01234500001-0
Blue Shirt – Medium 00002 01234500002-7
Blue Shirt – Large 00003 01234500003-4
Orange Shirt – Small 00004 01234500004-1
Orange Shirt – Medium 00005 01234500005-8
Orange Shirt – Large 00006 01234500006-5

At the end of this simple tutorial you will be provided information on to obtain UPC barcodes for your products. Click on the link below to continue.

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